Jason Briggs : [staff-title]
Jason Briggs
Creative Director

Michael Messano : [staff-title]
Michael Messano
Creative Director

Gina Giovatto : [staff-title]
Gina Giovatto
Senior Account Director

Jennifer Curreri : [staff-title]
Jennifer Curreri
Marketing Manager

Samantha Parisi : [staff-title]
Samantha Parisi
Internet Marketing Manager

Nick Pascali : [staff-title]
Nick Pascali
Account Manager

Hannah Rapaport : [staff-title]
Hannah Rapaport
Media Planner

Hilary Grace : [staff-title]
Hilary Grace
Consumer Strategy Manager

Maurice Castillo : [staff-title]
Maurice Castillo
SEO Specialist

Lyle Briggs : [staff-title]
Lyle Briggs
Art Director

Anthony Oade : [staff-title]
Anthony Oade
Art Director

Derek Remy : [staff-title]
Derek Remy
Art Director

Jason Laychock : [staff-title]
Jason Laychock
Senior Copywriter

Michael Macina : [staff-title]
Michael Macina

Scarlett Morris : [staff-title]
Scarlett Morris

Edwin Guzman : [staff-title]
Edwin Guzman
Production Manager

Michael Earle : [staff-title]
Michael Earle
Senior Designer

Vincent Van Zile : [staff-title]
Vincent Van Zile
Production Artist

Jenna Perrapato : [staff-title]
Jenna Perrapato
Production Artist

Danielle Lombardo : [staff-title]
Danielle Lombardo
Team Leader – Web Development

Laura Sly : [staff-title]
Laura Sly
Web Designer

Sal Tolve : [staff-title]
Sal Tolve
Web Developer

Jason Arcadipane : [staff-title]
Jason Arcadipane
Digital Media Editor

Luigi Milordo : [staff-title]
Luigi Milordo
Digital Media Editor

Nick Benedetto : [staff-title]
Nick Benedetto
Video Production

Albert Mazzola : [staff-title]
Albert Mazzola
Adv. & Marketing Consultant

Dominic Capone : [staff-title]
Dominic Capone
Account Executive

Nicholas Zivic : [staff-title]
Nicholas Zivic
Account Executive

Kim Boggs : [staff-title]
Kim Boggs
Account Executive

Monique Salmond : [staff-title]
Monique Salmond
Senior Account Manager

Lynn Finnegan : [staff-title]
Lynn Finnegan
Media Coordinator

Lisa Modarelli : [staff-title]
Lisa Modarelli
Media Coordinator

Jesika Gerasia : [staff-title]
Jesika Gerasia
Media Coordinator

Gina Martino : [staff-title]
Gina Martino
Media Coordinator

Jessica Man : [staff-title]
Jessica Man
Media Coordinator

Karen DeMarco : [staff-title]
Karen DeMarco

Meaghan Banks : [staff-title]
Meaghan Banks
Assistant Media Coordinator

Brian Tomasella : [staff-title]
Brian Tomasella

Kim Kirschner-Hess : [staff-title]
Kim Kirschner-Hess
Assistant Controller

Jenny Gash : [staff-title]
Jenny Gash

Carolyn Russo : [staff-title]
Carolyn Russo
Human Resources

Robert Terry : [staff-title]
Robert Terry
IT Manager

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